• How To Create Website Free Of Cost

    For creating a website, it is not necessary to make payment to the website developer or using any web programming code like PHP, HTML and many more.

    Here we are sharing some of the simple steps using which one can create a website free of cost. Various web vendors give you an opportunity to have free space on a personal website, but the space provided is very small for the purpose of advertising on your web pages. Web vendors offer you free space for your personal website, usually with a small amount of advertising on your web pages.

    The ads available on the website are small in size and number and looks unremarkable and low profile. Various internet firms provide free website construction tools, web server storage space and addresses. Most of the hosting services are having similar process for developing and designing the websites.

    Requirements for creating a website at own:
    The thing which is required for creating website at free cost is the Internet connection.

    • Internet connectivity

    Before looking for a service provider, the first and foremost task which needs to be complete is to prepare the components for your website. Prepare the components your site before you start looking for a service provider. Components like the purpose for developing a website, a handy and ready material in standard text format etc.

    Like for instance, if you wanted to create a family album, so collect all the images and have your text files ready in different folders and ensure that the images should be of equivalent size and file type should be JPG or PNG. Moreover, many hosting services limit the width and height of images you upload to their servers so it is better to crop such images. You can seach for web designing training in Jaipur.

    For creating free website, you have to search free site design providers over internet. Most of the companies provide free space on their servers for your site. Compare their services and avail best among them. Post that, you need to open the URL of the vendor you have selected for free site and create account and password.

    Apart from this, you have to give your email address, contact number, residential or office address and other required information. And then select or choose a name for your website and chosen site name will be followed by vendor’s name. Appenics.io one of the best web designing training company in Jaipur for MCA students.

    Additionally, you can select attractive templates and well designed starter page for your website being provided by site operator. Follow the instructions of template designer to develop your website. After the completion of design, you will be asked to launch your website. Click on “yes” option and here you go as your free site is ready.

    Tips & Warnings

    • A general tip for creating website at free of cost is that it is imperative to make out some time for the purpose of selecting the hosting service for your website. There are several companies which offer additional services, but they charge a price for it, but it is not necessary to use such offers or additional services for a basic website.

    However, on the other hand, if you want to track the frequency of visitors, if you want to check the number of people visited your site and which pages they open mostly, then you can avail any of such services or offerings. Moreover, such additional services can be beneficial to remove unwanted advertisements on you website if you do payment for such services on a monthly basis.

    Foxangle a company to watch out for web designing training in Jaipur for computer science students.

    The Final Words:

    • It is very important to give only required and specific information to the hosting service else the confidential information you shared with hosting service will be given to commercial databases. Moreover, it is better not to reveal anything about yourself in front of hosting services. It’s better to read the fine print, if you are taking any additional services from the company.

    These are some of the steps using which a simple website could be developed free of cost.

  • Way to Find the Best Web Design Training Institutes

    So have you completed your studies or are you at that point in time in your life when you are still wondering what you should do something creative and attracted towards the graphic designing.  Yes, we know today’s youth is super attracted towards web designing training institutes and they wish to learn it and for this course you don’t need any proper institute it is an independent course and even you can build your career in this field as  this period is the 21st century, and known as ’’The Digital Era’’ everything is om Digital.

    Why web Designing institutes?

    As we already said this is digital era and everything is on digital it is the best way to communicate especially to increase the business, each and every company is presenting themselves through digital and the way of communication has also become easier. To give the best look at business websites Graphic designer plays a vital role.

    It is an independent institute so you have to choose it very wisely as your money not be waste and knowledge should be for long.

    Points to remember before joining web Designing institutes  


    Before joining the institute, get the full information about it investigate it properly. Nowadays, the  fraud cases of the fake institutes has increased a lot so clear the concept that you are not joining any fake institute


    Resources are the vital part of this training, so it is important that the institute you join should have all the resources which are needed especially the particular software.

    Practical knowledge

    It is an essential point of your training this training doesn’t need any theoretical knowledge, it is based on the practical knowledge and practice is really important it this.


    It is important that an institute should provide you the certificate as this will be the proof that you learned the course and have a knowledge it will help you to get a job.

    Reputed firm

    Try to complete your training from a reputed and known institute, as the reference of the institute can help you to get the better opportunities. Basically, it will create a good impression on the interviewer.

    Experienced faculty

    It is important that the institute should have an experienced faculty and they should be professional too as faculty place an important part and they should have proper knowledge.

    So above we have given you the options, so before joining an institute you should  remember these points in your mind and to make your search easy you can google it and search it by the keyword best web designing institutes in Jaipur so this is how your search will become easy and will shortlist the institutes

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