Mar 2020

Free Digital Marketing tools & SEO Courses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

While the entire world is suffering from a dreadful plague, COVID-19 or Corona Virus. The Governments have also implemented strict policies of social distancing and complete lockdown in some countries such as Italy, France, India. It has been a few weeks, but the condition is still critical across the globe.  The current circumstance is a mentally stressful and energy draining. It is too difficult to sit in isolation at home and maintain the social distancing to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Recently, leading digital marketing companies and academies are providing tools, resources and SEO courses at free of cost. It will make the isolation a little less painful. Most of the online marketing companies help small enterprises, startups, and traditional business owners in the form of remote work support, free services, marketing tools and resources. 

Here is the list of free digital marketing tools & SEO courses for you. Take the advantage of the free resources and learn new skills while sitting at home.

List of 12 Free Digital Marketing Resources and SEO Tool During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Moz Academy.

Moz is the most prominent company that sells SEO, link building, and content marketing tools. It also launched its own Moz academy to make the SEO courses available for the community.  Here, over a dozen on-demand professional courses to improve your digital marketing skills during the period of lockdown. Just log in using account If you have or sign up free If you don’t have one.  After this, use the code “wegotthis” at checkout to get the free course.  

Click Here to Enrol for Moz Courses

Ahrefs Academy:

Blogging has become a popular way to do inbound marketing of your business.  Ahrefs academy released one of the most in-depth courses: Blogging for business. This course covers every small detail from content marketing to linking building. Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs Academy, brought this course for free to grow your blog visitors. If you are a loyal customer, this course is not something you should miss. Get the chance to market your blog during the coronavirus crisis.

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Amazing platform to get the free social media marketing courses. Hootsuite became a popular online training academy to learn social media marketing at free of cost. A hot list of courses is available to design a sophisticated social media strategy to optimize the engagement with the audience.  It provides best practices to advance your social media marketing skill by enrolling in paid certified programs.

To know more about how to get access Please refer to this link.


Skillshare is a learning platform with online classes, the majority of which focuses on interaction rather than lecturing. Here you get to learn as well as to join as a teacher to share your skills.

It provides a platform to acquire skills on topics like design, sales, marketing and many more.

It is offering its 2 months paid membership for free.

Then click this link to enroll.

SEMrush Academy:

SEMrush Academy offers free online digital marketing courses and SEO toolkits. A range of courses available to boost your knowledge and become a certified SEO expert. SEMrush, a world-renowned marketing company, is the best platform to learn digital marketing with experts. There’s no better place where you can test your knowledge by giving free exams.

Click Then click this link to enroll.

Yoast Academy

 Invest your time in getting the online SEO training on Yoast Academy. If you’re looking to improve your SEO skills, then Yoast SEO academy is the finest SEO training hub. All the training courses and SEO tools are accessible at free of cost.  Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, they have something for everyone.

Click Then click this link to enroll.


Let’s explore the creative skills with Skillshare.  A fascinating platform to spark the creativity while sitting in Isolation.  Fun courses available for creators to learn anything. At Skillshare, one can explore thousands of online classes to feel inspired and also get the chance to share your exciting passions to the million of users from all over the world. Also, it is providing the first two months of paid membership for free. Click here to redeem!

Craig Campbell

Best platform to upgrade your SEO knowledge by taking the advanced SEO training course by Craig Campbell. Experienced SEO expert and Founder, Craig Campbell designed courses that start from an introduction of SEO and ends with in-depth on-site training of marketing automation tools.

Click Then click this link to enroll.


Want to become a certified web developer or level up your career? Well, Codecademy works as the ultimate guide to build a strong foundation in the tech industry. During the coronavirus crisis, it is offering access to pro courses to 10,000 students as scholarships from all around the world. You can also learn different programming languages to master your new job-ready skill.

Click Then click this link to enroll.


An ultimate formula for business owners to know competitors’ profitable keywords and Ads. Spyfu provides powerful keywords research tools to analyse SEO and implements those measures to improve your website. Recently,  Spyfu made an announcement to avail basic premium plan, free for 2 months to help agencies, startup owners and entrepreneurs through this pandemic. 
For that, reach the support team of Spyfu at or live chat. You can also watch the video  to get more details.

Link Research Tools

LRT or Link Research Tools offers SEO software for link building and link analysis. It helps you in four ways: Recover, Protect, Learn, and Grow. Launched a free SEO toolbar to support social distancing by teaching unique and effective link building techniques. Trusted SEO audit tools and backlink tools to enjoy improving search engine results.

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Siege Media

Content marketing has been a powerful tool of marketing when all other channels are disappearing. People are spending most of the day on surfing the internet. To increase the engagement on your website, Siege media is offering SEO-focused marketing services and courses to generate triple digit traffic. It has released a package of 45 lessons marketing course that comprises video tutorials and printable takeaways. 

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Brand Builder Academy

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many restaurants and food businesses are facing problems. Brand builder academy launched courses to teach owners how they can get customers online and not lose the business through deliveries and takeaways. It is available for free of cost. Reach the team of brand builder on Twitter at @thedannybuck to get a code.

Click Then click this link to enroll.

Hope this article helped you in all means. Please share this list of digital marketing courses and SEO tools with your friends, family, and others. Engage yourself to become productive and utilise the time in learning effective skills. If you know any other free digital marketing resources, please let us know and we’ll update this list. You can also email us.

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