• Free Digital Marketing tools & SEO Courses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    While the entire world is suffering from a dreadful plague, COVID-19 or Corona Virus. The Governments have also implemented strict policies of social distancing and complete lockdown in some countries such as Italy, France, India. It has been a few weeks, but the condition is still critical across the globe.  The current circumstance is a mentally stressful and energy draining. It is too difficult to sit in isolation at home and maintain the social distancing to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

    Recently, leading digital marketing companies and academies are providing tools, resources and SEO courses at free of cost. It will make the isolation a little less painful. Most of the online marketing companies help small enterprises, startups, and traditional business owners in the form of remote work support, free services, marketing tools and resources. 

    Here is the list of free digital marketing tools & SEO courses for you. Take the advantage of the free resources and learn new skills while sitting at home.

    List of 12 Free Digital Marketing Resources and SEO Tool During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Moz Academy.

    Moz is the most prominent company that sells SEO, link building, and content marketing tools. It also launched its own Moz academy to make the SEO courses available for the community.  Here, over a dozen on-demand professional courses to improve your digital marketing skills during the period of lockdown. Just log in using Moz.com account If you have or sign up free If you don’t have one.  After this, use the code “wegotthis” at checkout to get the free course.  

    Click Here to Enrol for Moz Courses

    Ahrefs Academy:

    Blogging has become a popular way to do inbound marketing of your business.  Ahrefs academy released one of the most in-depth courses: Blogging for business. This course covers every small detail from content marketing to linking building. Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs Academy, brought this course for free to grow your blog visitors. If you are a loyal customer, this course is not something you should miss. Get the chance to market your blog during the coronavirus crisis.

    Click here to Enrol for Blogging for Business


    Amazing platform to get the free social media marketing courses. Hootsuite became a popular online training academy to learn social media marketing at free of cost. A hot list of courses is available to design a sophisticated social media strategy to optimize the engagement with the audience.  It provides best practices to advance your social media marketing skill by enrolling in paid certified programs.

    To know more about how to get access Please refer to this link.


    Skillshare is a learning platform with online classes, the majority of which focuses on interaction rather than lecturing. Here you get to learn as well as to join as a teacher to share your skills.

    It provides a platform to acquire skills on topics like design, sales, marketing and many more.

    It is offering its 2 months paid membership for free.

    Then click this link to enroll.

    SEMrush Academy:

    SEMrush Academy offers free online digital marketing courses and SEO toolkits. A range of courses available to boost your knowledge and become a certified SEO expert. SEMrush, a world-renowned marketing company, is the best platform to learn digital marketing with experts. There’s no better place where you can test your knowledge by giving free exams.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.

    Yoast Academy

     Invest your time in getting the online SEO training on Yoast Academy. If you’re looking to improve your SEO skills, then Yoast SEO academy is the finest SEO training hub. All the training courses and SEO tools are accessible at free of cost.  Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, they have something for everyone.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.


    Let’s explore the creative skills with Skillshare.  A fascinating platform to spark the creativity while sitting in Isolation.  Fun courses available for creators to learn anything. At Skillshare, one can explore thousands of online classes to feel inspired and also get the chance to share your exciting passions to the million of users from all over the world. Also, it is providing the first two months of paid membership for free. Click here to redeem!

    Craig Campbell

    Best platform to upgrade your SEO knowledge by taking the advanced SEO training course by Craig Campbell. Experienced SEO expert and Founder, Craig Campbell designed courses that start from an introduction of SEO and ends with in-depth on-site training of marketing automation tools.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.


    Want to become a certified web developer or level up your career? Well, Codecademy works as the ultimate guide to build a strong foundation in the tech industry. During the coronavirus crisis, it is offering access to pro courses to 10,000 students as scholarships from all around the world. You can also learn different programming languages to master your new job-ready skill.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.


    An ultimate formula for business owners to know competitors’ profitable keywords and Ads. Spyfu provides powerful keywords research tools to analyse SEO and implements those measures to improve your website. Recently,  Spyfu made an announcement to avail basic premium plan, free for 2 months to help agencies, startup owners and entrepreneurs through this pandemic. 
    For that, reach the support team of Spyfu at support@spyfu.com or live chat. You can also watch the video  to get more details.

    Link Research Tools

    LRT or Link Research Tools offers SEO software for link building and link analysis. It helps you in four ways: Recover, Protect, Learn, and Grow. Launched a free SEO toolbar to support social distancing by teaching unique and effective link building techniques. Trusted SEO audit tools and backlink tools to enjoy improving search engine results.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.

    Siege Media

    Content marketing has been a powerful tool of marketing when all other channels are disappearing. People are spending most of the day on surfing the internet. To increase the engagement on your website, Siege media is offering SEO-focused marketing services and courses to generate triple digit traffic. It has released a package of 45 lessons marketing course that comprises video tutorials and printable takeaways. 

    Click Then click this link to enroll.

    Brand Builder Academy

    Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many restaurants and food businesses are facing problems. Brand builder academy launched courses to teach owners how they can get customers online and not lose the business through deliveries and takeaways. It is available for free of cost. Reach the team of brand builder on Twitter at @thedannybuck to get a code.

    Click Then click this link to enroll.

    Hope this article helped you in all means. Please share this list of digital marketing courses and SEO tools with your friends, family, and others. Engage yourself to become productive and utilise the time in learning effective skills. If you know any other free digital marketing resources, please let us know and we’ll update this list. You can also email us.

    Also, don’t forget to follow @Foxanglejaipur on Instagram and Facebook.

  • How To Create Website Free Of Cost

    For creating a website, it is not necessary to make payment to the website developer or using any web programming code like PHP, HTML and many more.

    Here we are sharing some of the simple steps using which one can create a website free of cost. Various web vendors give you an opportunity to have free space on a personal website, but the space provided is very small for the purpose of advertising on your web pages. Web vendors offer you free space for your personal website, usually with a small amount of advertising on your web pages.

    The ads available on the website are small in size and number and looks unremarkable and low profile. Various internet firms provide free website construction tools, web server storage space and addresses. Most of the hosting services are having similar process for developing and designing the websites.

    Requirements for creating a website at own:
    The thing which is required for creating website at free cost is the Internet connection.

    • Internet connectivity

    Before looking for a service provider, the first and foremost task which needs to be complete is to prepare the components for your website. Prepare the components your site before you start looking for a service provider. Components like the purpose for developing a website, a handy and ready material in standard text format etc.

    Like for instance, if you wanted to create a family album, so collect all the images and have your text files ready in different folders and ensure that the images should be of equivalent size and file type should be JPG or PNG. Moreover, many hosting services limit the width and height of images you upload to their servers so it is better to crop such images. You can seach for web designing training in Jaipur.

    For creating free website, you have to search free site design providers over internet. Most of the companies provide free space on their servers for your site. Compare their services and avail best among them. Post that, you need to open the URL of the vendor you have selected for free site and create account and password.

    Apart from this, you have to give your email address, contact number, residential or office address and other required information. And then select or choose a name for your website and chosen site name will be followed by vendor’s name. Appenics.io one of the best web designing training company in Jaipur for MCA students.

    Additionally, you can select attractive templates and well designed starter page for your website being provided by site operator. Follow the instructions of template designer to develop your website. After the completion of design, you will be asked to launch your website. Click on “yes” option and here you go as your free site is ready.

    Tips & Warnings

    • A general tip for creating website at free of cost is that it is imperative to make out some time for the purpose of selecting the hosting service for your website. There are several companies which offer additional services, but they charge a price for it, but it is not necessary to use such offers or additional services for a basic website.

    However, on the other hand, if you want to track the frequency of visitors, if you want to check the number of people visited your site and which pages they open mostly, then you can avail any of such services or offerings. Moreover, such additional services can be beneficial to remove unwanted advertisements on you website if you do payment for such services on a monthly basis.

    Foxangle a company to watch out for web designing training in Jaipur for computer science students.

    The Final Words:

    • It is very important to give only required and specific information to the hosting service else the confidential information you shared with hosting service will be given to commercial databases. Moreover, it is better not to reveal anything about yourself in front of hosting services. It’s better to read the fine print, if you are taking any additional services from the company.

    These are some of the steps using which a simple website could be developed free of cost.

  • Way to Find the Best Web Design Training Institutes

    So have you completed your studies or are you at that point in time in your life when you are still wondering what you should do something creative and attracted towards the graphic designing.  Yes, we know today’s youth is super attracted towards web designing training institutes and they wish to learn it and for this course you don’t need any proper institute it is an independent course and even you can build your career in this field as  this period is the 21st century, and known as ’’The Digital Era’’ everything is om Digital.

    Why web Designing institutes?

    As we already said this is digital era and everything is on digital it is the best way to communicate especially to increase the business, each and every company is presenting themselves through digital and the way of communication has also become easier. To give the best look at business websites Graphic designer plays a vital role.

    It is an independent institute so you have to choose it very wisely as your money not be waste and knowledge should be for long.

    Points to remember before joining web Designing institutes  


    Before joining the institute, get the full information about it investigate it properly. Nowadays, the  fraud cases of the fake institutes has increased a lot so clear the concept that you are not joining any fake institute


    Resources are the vital part of this training, so it is important that the institute you join should have all the resources which are needed especially the particular software.

    Practical knowledge

    It is an essential point of your training this training doesn’t need any theoretical knowledge, it is based on the practical knowledge and practice is really important it this.


    It is important that an institute should provide you the certificate as this will be the proof that you learned the course and have a knowledge it will help you to get a job.

    Reputed firm

    Try to complete your training from a reputed and known institute, as the reference of the institute can help you to get the better opportunities. Basically, it will create a good impression on the interviewer.

    Experienced faculty

    It is important that the institute should have an experienced faculty and they should be professional too as faculty place an important part and they should have proper knowledge.

    So above we have given you the options, so before joining an institute you should  remember these points in your mind and to make your search easy you can google it and search it by the keyword best web designing institutes in Jaipur so this is how your search will become easy and will shortlist the institutes

  • Appenics.io Top Training Company in Asp.Net

    NET framework is specially designed for windows phone. It is being generated by Microsoft to work only on windows. .NET is the advancement stage utilized by a large number of engineers to make applications and administrations on any gadget and OS, with an impressive execution and incredible designer profitability.

    The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s model and is a stable programming model for building applications that have consistent, secure correspondence, outwardly dazzling client encounters and the capacity to show a scope of business procedures.

    If you have the determination to learn the frameworks included in.NET to build new websites and applications on the operating system, then we are the professional training company for you. The Foxangle asp.net training companyin Jaipur provides a certified .NET course which will cover all the programming model used in programming.

    .NET Framework created by Microsoft is an indispensable part for a large portion of the essential applications running on Windows. .NET with its steady and far reaching programming model, made an innovative unrest lately.

    Applications manufactured utilizing .NET has the capacity to attract the client with outwardly dazzling encounters alongside impeccable and secured correspondence framework. You can do research on Asp.net training in Jaipur for engineering students.

    DOT Net structure offers a stable and secure stage for rich programming application advancement. Visual Basic, propelled programming improvement pack from Microsoft makes .net programming advancement parcel quicker, mistake free and less expensive. As we all know Windows Operating System is broadly utilized, there is tremendous interest for best performing desktop, portable, web and undertaking programming applications.

    The openings for work for .Net software engineers with accreditation have expanded fundamentally in recent years. Unfortunately, our school instruction doesn’t offer broad preparing on .Net programming dialects to address corporate issue. That is the reason you have to take asp.net training in Jaipur.

    Closing up:

    foxangle.com Jaipur is a sister concern of Appenics Technologies that is a leading website and mobile app development company in India since 2010. The summer internship at Foxangle Jaipur is for 2 months and industrial training for 6 months.

    The advantages of the program are Live Project Training, Professional Learning Environment, Work on latest technology, Training Certificates from Appenics Technologies and most important 100% job assistance.

  • Summer Internship In Jaipur

    Appenics Technologies Summer Internship in Jaipur Training Program 2017 for B.Tech/BE, invites applications for 2017 Summer Internship Program from students interested in all areas of Computer Science and related fields at our locations in Jaipur. 

    We are seeking highly motivated students, who are interested in experiencing an exciting summer of research.

    The selected student will have the opportunity to work closely with an outstanding research team on challenging problems that range from leading edge exploratory work to prototyping real world systems and application. During the internship, the students will also have the opportunity to participate in the dynamic technical environment of the largest Industrial Research organization and network with other top students from many different fields and universities.

    Value of Summer Internship Programs

    • Resource utilization of students/individuals belonging to specific fields
    • Advantage of fresh perspective
    • A talent hunting prospect
    • Consideration of potential interns for future full time employment
    • Extra resource to help complete projects

    For the interns, the 4-6 weeks of internship helps to develop professional as well as social talents

    • Interns contribute, learn, work on LIVE PROJECTS
    • Get access to valuable resources human as well as technological
    • An avenue to enhance academic learning through hands on work experience
    • Help network, establish rapport for future career prospects
    • Experience complements further course of study
    • Helps understand reality of course of study
    • Helps evaluate and determine future course of action
    • Get advice on career subjects from knowledgeable & experienced professionals
    • Gain exposure to a professional work atmosphere

    We accept interns at various levels in their academic life — from undergraduate students BE/B.Tech to PhD candidates — and from all over the India.


    • BTech / BE candidates : 4 weeks / 6 weeks

    Deliverables :

    • Project Certificate from Appenics Technologie
    • Training Certificate from Appenics Technologies – Training & Development Centre
    • Practical Exposure by getting hands on experience at our well equipped labs
  • Mobile App Development Training in Jaipur

    As we all know that the upcoming era of technology is totally depend on Mobile Apps. Mobile app is very necessary or compulsory for every business. So, if you are a student of Computer Science and Information Technology then why you are not choosing Mobile app developer as career. Appenics.io is leading Mobile app development training institute in Jaipur. 

    As a Mobile app developer your career will growth more faster compare then other fields of this industry. And you will face new challenges and new technology always.

    Application developers translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain and develop programs for use in business.  Most will specialize in a specific development field, such as mobile phone applications, accounting software, office suites or graphics software, and will have in-depth knowledge of at least one computer language.

    Applications, or ‘apps’, can be written for a particular system, such as Windows or Android, or across numerous platforms, including computers and mobile devices.

    Foxangle is the best App Development Training Institute in Jaipur that is recognized for providing career-oriented iPhone or android training in Jaipur. With a team of highly seasoned and professional mentors, we offer you the learning that makes you employment ready.

    We Also Provide:

    If you want to give your career the start you always desired, and if you want to be a highly-paid mobile app developer, join iPhone Training in Jaipur. Enroll Now with Foxangle and get up to 40% discount on your training fees.


    1-Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development

    • Overview of iPhone and iPad devices
    • revolutionary development, Rich platform, SQLite and APIs
    • consideration of Programming for handheld devices
    • Exploring the iOS Software Development Kit (iOS SDK)
    • Xcode
    • Cocoa Touch
    • Objective-C
    • Frameworks
    • Swift 2.3
    • Swift 3.0

    2-Creating the User Interface

    • Leveraging Storyboards
    • Linking views visually
    • Presenting views modally
    • Experimenting with different segues
    • Displaying contents in a Popover
    • Views Embedding  in containers
    • Developing universal applications of iPhone/iPad
    • Testing by using Simulator

    3-Coding the User Interface with Objective-C

    • Objective-C Programming
    • Applying the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
    • Work by using Cocoa Touch Frameworks
    •  property lists with Persisting data

    4-Presenting Data with Table Views

    • Selecting the style to suit your application
    • Plain
    • Grouped
    • Creating table views
    • Populating table view data
    • delegate methods Implementation

    5-Presenting Data with Collection View

    • Selecting the style to suit your application
    • Collection View Creation
    • Populate Collection view data
    • Customize Collection views with formatting and images
    • Responding to user Item selection
    • Custom Cell For Collection View

    6-Applying Navigation Tools and Techniques

    • Using the tab bar Displaying multiple views
    •  Multiple tabs Creation
    •  Tabs with Views Association
    • Drilling down through different levels of detail

    7-Interacting with Web Services

    • Implementation decisions Evaluation
    •  REST vs.SOAP  native support
    • Parsing JSON vs. other formats
    •  Network communications Establishment

    8-Enhancing the User Interface

    •  adding animations and Recognizing gestures
    • Responding to  taps and Swipes
    • View transitions: flipping and curling views
    • View properties Animation
    • Adding gesture recognizers to views
    •  Views Rotating with autorotation

    9-Map Kit

    • Build Map
    • location ShowOn Map
    •  for Core Location and Map Use Delegate

    10-Data Base (Core DatSQLite3.0)

    • Creating Data Base

    11- Application upload on Appstore

    • How to live applications on Appstore

    Why Choose Us for iOS Training in Jaipur?

    • Course modules are prepared by Expert from our web development company
    • Professional Faculty with boost able Experience in Development and Training
    • All latest updated technologies as per real-time project requirements
    • Guaranteed Real-time concepts for each topic
    • Study material for all modules and practical real-time assignments
    • Best Lab Facility with All software’s and Lab Assistance
    • 100% Placements Assistance. We have good track record of placements
  • Best Summer Training Institute in Jaipur

    To get trained from the Best institute in Jaipur is a very big advantage to get placed in the software company. You can choose your appropriate filed by excelling in the summer training. Firstly you think about the stream in which you are very much interested then you need to think about the future scope of that particular stream. All you need is the resource which can take you to the destination. Appenics.io is the Best Institute for Summer Training Internship in Jaipur provides you the platform to achieve your goals. It is one of the IT leading companies. We have performed excellently in providing cost-effective summer training with advanced technologies and provide booklets for theoretical knowledge. We train you on live projects. We are interlinked with fortune companies which have well known reputation in the market.

    Salient features of Foxangle:

    Appenics.io is the perfect place for all those students who want to build their career in the software industry.We provide 2 month summer training on various streams which can be used for your further knowledge. This is your direct entry into the IT core industry. Not only software technologies we provide you the personality related classes to prepare you for the interviews.

    #1 Summer training program 2017:

    All the pre-final and final year students pursuing professional degree courses like MCA, B.E., B. Tech, and M.Sc (I.T. / C.S.) is eligible to take part in this training. We provide all the necessary things such as guidance, infrastructure, software and hardware laboratory for such training. We assure you that students will work on real time projects under the supervision of 6+ years experienced experts who will help you to solve the software issues and programming.

    #2 Different sectors of summer training:

    • Java
    • Computer Hardware & Networking
    • ORACLE
    • Cloud Computing
    • Web Development & Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Tally
    • DotNet / J2EE / PHP
    • Microsoft Networking
    • Cisco CCNA/CCNP
    • RHCE
    • Web Hosting & SEO
    • C & C+ +

    #3 Certification and placement services:

    We provide ISO certified 9001:2008 certificate to our students who complete their training in the specified sector. Moreover, we keep online tests after the completion of every sector. We provide grades on the certificates to make them more noteworthy. This certificate increases your standard. We assure that every student who is completing a course of our strandarised institute will get placed in a software company.

    The Final Word:

    To get placed in a nice reputated company which has million turn over you need to join our training and get trained over software terminologies. You can be professional in just B. Tech summer training in Jaipur. Be prepared for all the hurdles which you can face when you will be in the IT core industry. This is the finest institute in Jaipur.

  • Industrial Training in Jaipur for CS Students

    There is no doubt about the fact that B.Tech in computer science is a respectable education qualification in India. Today the majority of strength of Science background students opts for this program. However, in this regard it is essential to note some basic facts about industrial training in Jaipur. Here we shall throw a limelight on the same.

    I become quite uneasy when i come to know that in many institutions, summer internship or industrial training has become a matter of business than grooming the Freshers to professionals. The pattern still is moreover focused on theoretical knowledge rather than on practical knowledge.

    It therefore becomes essential for the students to know that the theory part is covered in the course curriculum and at the summer internship program it is required to emphasize on live projects.

    Considering this, Appenics.io in Jaipur provides a professional platform for industrial training and summer internship for CS students 2017. Here the team of well qualified trainers inculcates the best technology in you. The best part of this training company is that once you get enrolled you are served with several facilities to groom your knowledge and skills.

    Appenics.io has expertise that possess over 5 years of industry experience thus offer practical learnings to students. During industrial trainings students are given knowledge of each and every concept in a sheer practical manner.

    The students learn in the amicable environment and gain in depth knowledge of the subject.  Appenics.io provides internship and industrial training in many important courses like: Java, Android,iPhone, Dot net, Web design, PHP, and SEO.

    All these courses demand immense practical experience and Appenics.io meets this demand by imparting training to students by industry experts.

    The students get 100% practical exposure and gets an opportunity to work on live projects. Thus they get hands on experience. The main reason behind hands on experience at Appenics.io is that it is sister concern of Appenics Technologies a IT company that got the award for best emerging mobile apps and game developer in India.

    There are lot of IT training companiesthat provide industrial training in jaipur that provides internship in various prices. But i strongly feel that one should not look at training companies in terms of fees or pricing.

    In fact, they should focus on learning. For example how many hours they are giving to each concept or lesson. How much hands on experience they will get. are there any provision placements etc.

    So there are lot of research one should and on the basis of that one should ready to ask questions to the companies that offer industrial training for b.tech students.

    The Final Words:

    No doubt there is a cut throat competition for jobs. And one should be all set to upgrade his skill to enter into the market. I strongly believe if you do not have job then to kill your idle time internship is the option to carry on. Also you can read on MCA industrial training in Jaipur.

  • Can You Get a Job After Android Training?

    The technology world is growing at a high speed. The mobile device marketing has grown too. Android apps are the latest cutting edge technology for all business owners to expand their businesses. Appenics Technologies provides winter training, android training in Jaipur

    This nurtures the growing demand of Android developers and enhances more employment opportunities. So, in case you have a wonderful career then Android app development is the best choice for you.

    What is Android App Development

    Android is said to be the advanced and most used operating system. We have Google as the frequent search engine used over the electronic devices. Android phones have a strong ability to adapt to many functions and it has a flexibility with the tags used for building the apps.

    Have a glance of the new version of the android i.e. Naugat. In today’s date, the most selling phones are of android. If you ever feel that android can build your career in a right way, then i think you are positive about Android.

    ‘Appenics.io one of the best android training center Jaipur, Rajasthan’

    Demand for Android App Developers

    In spite of the presence of several OS in the market, the demand for Android is sky rocketing. Naturally, the demand for Android developers is increasing at a rapid speed. People love Android OS because of its incredibly easy to use features.

    An accomplished developer brings out the unique features with easy navigation keeping the user in mind. A skilled developer always tries and contribute towards a bug-free app to enhance the success of the business. The monetization can be used on the app, which will help the app owner also make some money out of the app.

    ‘Appenics Technologies one of the best for android training courses in Jaipur.’

    Closing up:

    Appenics.io Jaipur is a sister concern of Appenics Technologies that is a leading website and mobile app development company in India since 2010. The winter trainingat Foxangle Jaipur is for 2 months max. And industrial training for 6 months.

    The advantages of the program are Live Project Training, Professional Learning Environment, Work on latest technology, Training Certificates from Appenics Technologies and most important 100% job assistance.

  • Which Course Is Better For You?

    It is never easy to make your career in a particular field. You need to take lot of decisions. And decisions want time, interest and a solid goal. Everyone takes birth with a different talent. If it will be directed in a right way, many can get success in their lives. In India, the career path selection is largely affected by the parent’s decision.

    Most of the parents want to live their dreams through their children. They wish a reputed position for their child. The motive behind this mentality is they do not want their children will face the same situation from which they passed through.

    Everyone could not be a doctor, engineer, or an architect, however, our parents want the same and the candidates have to choose subjects against their will. Which career option is best, it can be only known by recognizing the individual’s talent or seeking counseling. If it can give a right path to career then guardians should take it into consideration.

    Maybe, they might not aware about their child’s priorities about the branch. In that case, attending counseling session can clear their doubts about the career option their child is looking for. You can also search for best training center in Jaipur.

    Parents have to change their mindset. Now the time has been changed as opportunities are waiting for talent. In the present time, you have more chances to make a career in diverse areas. Many reputed colleges in India are offering these courses and the actual goal of starting offbeat courses is to fulfill the demand of the market.

    Some offbeat courses in IT that are currently in huge demand are Android, iphone, SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and so on. These are just examples. You are free to follow to your inner soul. Do what your heart say. You can also read on Appenics one of the best IT training company in Jaipur.

    The Final Words:

    If you are not interested to join any full-time course, get admitted in an institute of your interest and follow your passion. Some of the reputed institutes provide placement assistance, just after completion of the course.

    If you are master of your field, you need not look back where you want to turn your career, it will follow your instructions. You can do research on one of best training company in Jaipur.

Kick Start Your Career.

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